Wenger watch straps

Welcome to the Wenger replacement watch strap page


Wenger has been making watches since 1997 and has a very large heritage catalogue.  This makes it difficult to reproduce or to incorporate into this web site.  The only positive way of identifying your Wenger replacement watch strap is for us to check with them.

Complete the enquiry form and we will contact you with informaiton about the strap you need and its cost, without obligation. Should you wish to purchase it we can obtain it for you, should you not wish to go ahead just tell us and we won’t bother you.

Please double check this as mistakes cannot be rectified once you press the submit button.

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This is usually a 4 or 6 digit number which may contain an alpha character.
The lug width may be found on the reverse of your existing strap. Or measure the width between the lugs which hold the strap to the watch.
Please describe as fully as possible your watch and strap. For example: face colour, diameter, strap colour, any stitching and colour, buckle finish.
In addition, and just to make sure we identify the strap correctly, an image showing the watch and strap should nail it!

BEFORE YOU PRESS SUBMIT!  An account will automatically be created for you once you press submit. The response to this enquiry will be in the form of an account update.  Please be on the lookout for a response from swissarmywatchstraps.co.uk or woodruffshome.co.uk.  If you don’t receive a response, please check your spam box in case you overlooked it.  Thanks!